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    Index Explaination
    Listed Stocks 07 stocks (BCEL, EDL-GEN, LWPC, PTL, PCD, LCC, SVN)
    Market Capital
    25 DECEMBER, 2014
    LAK  10,867,713,412,600,   US$ 1,358,464,176.58 
    Percentage of IPO BCEL 30% ,  EDL-GEN 25%,  LWPC 10%  ,  PTL 25%
    The Highest Index  2011 (1876.02)  2012 (1242.21)   2013 (1446.66)      2014 (1458.24)
    The Lowest Index  2011 (899.45)      2012 (877.44)    2013 (1215.79)     2014 (1219.81)
    Opening 2011 1,000 as date of 11 JANUARY, 2011
    Current Price
    25 DECEMBER, 2014
    BCEL 7,000,  EDL-GEN 7,100,  LWPC 7,900,  PTL 3,800
    Current Index  
    25 DECEMBER, 2014
    1404 .21
    Information website: www.lsx.com.la
    Trading days and currency Monday to Friday (except public holidays of Laos, last 3 business day of each year and when a sudden change in economic condition). All transactions are in Lao Kip (LAK)
    Holidays 1 Jan - 8 March - Lao New year - International Labour day - BOL established day - National day
    Electronic system access Via Floor Broker or Home Trading System
    Sessions Trading hours shall be from 08:30-11:30, Opening call auction runs from   8.30-9:00, followed by continuous trading
    from 09:00-11:20 and closing call auction is held between 11:20-11:30 
    Order Limit order only 
    Open/Close Open: Previous day's closing price is the reference price for the first matching session
    Close: The last session's matching price 
    Trading methods Periodical order matching method: This is a transaction method executed by the trading system based on
    matching securities buying and selling orders at a specific time. The trading system shall conduct the comparison
     and matching of securities buying and selling orders on the basis of price and time precedence as follows:
    The executed price shall be the price that enables the maximum trading volume of the securities.
    If more than one price satisfies the above condition, the price that equals or is least different from the executed
    price established in the immediately preceding order matching shall be taken.
    Matching principles a. Price Priority:
    Buying orders at higher price will take precedence.
    Selling orders at lower price will take precedence.
    b. Time Priority: In case buy or sell orders at the same price, those that entered into the trading system earlier
    will take precedence in execution.
    Cancellation of orders Cancellation of trading orders placed in same session for periodic order matching is not allowed. 
    Trading  range The price fluctuates in a range of ±10% of the base price.
    The first trading price of initially listed issues shall be within -10% and +100% of the public offering price.
    Tick size Price Per Share (PPS) ≤ 10,000 kip                 50 kip
    10,000 kip ≤ PPS < 50,000 kip                          100 kip
    50,000 kip ≤ PPS < 100,000 kip                       200 kip
    PPS  ≥ 100,000 kip                                              500 kip
    Settlement Method Order matching transaction: Clearing payment T+2 
    Trading Unit 1         share
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